As lots of students received their A-Level results yesterday I thought this would be the perfect time to share my tips and advice for University freshers heading to Uni in September or for anyone interested in what student life entails. I’m heading into my second year at University in September, so this is tips and advice I have picked up throughout my first year at uni, and a few things I wish I knew before I went.

1. Get out and about-

Moving to a new city is very overwhelming and takes you a while to get to used to your new home, but get out and explore, if you are feeling a bit homesick you might feel like just staying in your room but don’t! going for a walk helps distract you, I have found so many new places when out for walks, I am very lucky that I am a 5-minute walk from the sea. Go and find the nearest shops, always good to know where your local co-op or Tesco is as it does quickly become your second home, On my first night in Uni myself and my flatmates decided to go and find our local shop, which turned out to be a 2 second walk away, but it was still good to spend time getting to know each other.


2. It’s ok to feel homesick –

Moving to uni for many is the first time living away from home, and it is scary and that is ok, I would be lying if I told you I haven’t felt homesick, the first few nights, I just wanted to go home but everyone is in the same boat, you start slowly getting used to being away, and getting out and distracting yourself is the best way to do that! Once you finally get all your things unpacked and make your room your own, bring things from home like pictures, pillows, things to make your room our own, all these things help with feeling homesick and just remember that it’s normal to miss home.

An app I really recommend is ‘Free Prints‘ which allows you up to 45 free prints a month so you only need to pay a couple of pounds for postage, I got recommended this by my flatmate, I put up my prints on my pinboard and used fairy lights from Primark to peg my lights around my room.


3. Freshers Flu is real! –

When people talk about freshers flu they weren’t lying, there is no hiding! so remember to pack tissues, medicine (also comes in handy with those hangovers) and make sure you look after yourself, most likely you’ll be out and about a lot in freshers week, meeting a lot of new people. You’ll find that you are ill for a lot of the first year, especially in the first semester.

4. Join a club or society –

There are so many great opportunities you can get from University, but you have to go out and get them. Go to all the different fresher fairs, you’ll get a chance to discover what clubs and societies the University has to offer. I wanted to get back into Netball when I started Uni, so I went to societies fair in freshers week and signed up and it was one of the best decisions I made, I met some many people and have had some of the best times throughout my first year while being with Netball. Don’t be nervous about not knowing anyone, all freshers are in the same boat, it’s taking the first step that is the hardest.


5. Work hard… Party harder –

It’s very easy in the first year to actually forget you still have work to do, make sure you keep on top of your work, I am not going to lie I left most of my assignments to the last minute, and I can not tell you how bad this was, it really does stress you out! They give you a lot of time for assignments for a reason, so make the most of the time… but most importantly the sooner you get your work out of the way the more time you have to go out and fun and enjoy uni life.

6. Money… Budgeting –

The main thing you are going to learn while at uni is how fast and easy it is to spend money without thinking, saying yes to all those nights out and signing up to clubs and societies all adds up, so make sure you budget and you pay your rent and important things with a food shop first so you know you can cover those counts, then anything else left you can enjoy yourself with. I know the last thing you wanna do is sit down and think about money, but it’s so worth it and takes some stress off when you know how much you have. Budgeting is something I wish I sat down and did because I ran low on money a lot in the first year due to the price of my rent and other daily costs and nights out, so it makes your life easier, and you’ll thank yourself later on.

7. Second-year Housing –

So I know you haven’t even got into the first year yet and thinking about where you live in the second year is something you don’t even consider thinking about, but you’ll have so many emails and adverts about housing for the second year, however, do not sign anything or even start looking until at least into the new year and are, because houses will not run out and you are likely to be scammed out of money, so many on my course I know have lost so much of money because they signed things earlier and didn’t research and look around properly. So take your time and really think about where and who you want to live with, and make sure you go through someone the University approves, don’t be afraid to ask for help from the University, they will most likely have a whole department of people willing to help you!

I feel like I could have written a book full of advice and thinking I learnt in my first year at University, so if there is something I haven’t covered and you want to know about feel free to comment below or message me on any of my social media platforms and I’ll try and help you.

I hope this has helped you in any way and makes you excited to start University, I have been putting this post together for around 10 months as I slowly learnt my way through the first year of Uni!

Good Luck to anyone starting University in September!

Abbie x

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