Can’t believe its the first of December, where has this year gone? Anyway the past few weeks I have seen this tag around the Blogging and YouTube world and it looked like a lovely tag, so here you go… 

Favourite candle scent?
One of my all time favourite scents at this time of the year has to be Vanilla.
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
I don’t like coffee so that’s out of the picture, But tea and Hot chocolate are favourites, The perfect drink in Winter/Autumn is Hot chocolate whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and a flake <3  
Whats the best Fall/Christmas memory you have? 
 Fall memory I love when the leafs fall of the trees and they are all orange and yellow and brown. Christmas memory is putting the tree up and listening to Christmas songs and spending time with the family. 
Which makeup trend do you prefer: winged eye liner or dark lips? 
  I can never do eye liner but I’m slowly getting better, but I love dark lips, I like both trends I guess.
Hats or scarves?
Scarves, but my mum is also telling me to wear a hat, but I personal hate wearing hats, But I love scarves. 
Most worn jumper?
For round the house, I wear my large purple one which my mum made, its so nice and warm. But when I’m out I don’t really have one, I wear a lot jackets, but I have asked for a jumper for christmas. 
Favourite fall nail polish?
I couldn’t pick one so I picked my top 3, My first one is from Avon ‘Plum Seduction’ it’s a dark matte purple. My Second one is again from Avon ‘Golden Vision’ it’s a metallic Gold, it’s a really a Christmasy Gold. My third one is Barry M ‘Rose Quartz glitter’ I love wearing this over other nail polishes, it gives it a finish touch, I like this one over the top of my Avon ‘Plum Seduction’.

Skinny jeans or leggings?
I love both, but at home I wear leggings and when I’m out I wear skinny Jeans. 
Boots or uggs?
I personal don’t like uggs, but I don’t own any boots, it’s another thing on my Christmas list this year. 
Thank you for reading my post, Uploads might be a bit slow are a week or two because my laptop isn’t working properly at the moment but its being fixed. I also have mock week  but I will still be uploading, I’m aiming for a post every other day. <3



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