September Favourites

I love this Perfume, I got given it from boots when I did my work experience with them back in July, I couldn’t believe they gave me this, plus It’s the 100ml which is amazing! It’s not as sweet smelling as the pink Fantasy one which I also have, it’s more of a stronger smell, but they are both amazinggg!
I have already mentioned/reviewed this hand cream in my August Favorites so check that out.. (It’s still my favorite hand cream so far!)
I love Bath and body works hand gels, I hate that you can’t get them here in England, unless you get them off online, but my sister got me one last Christmas (but I only started using it a few weeks ago) and it’s the Christmas Candy one it smell wonderful and it’s got such a long lasting smell! I wish England had hand gels like these :'( I use it very day for school and it’s starting to run low *Cry*
Amazing it you want your nails to stay strong and your nail colour to last longer.
This is a dream if you have Fizz hair like mine, it makes it smooth and non fizzy!!
Not much it say about Barry M apart from amazing colour and you don’t need many coats and it lasts a long time without chipping. (Spring Green)
Again this was in my August Favorites… Still wear this everyday and makes my lips so soft.
Again not much to say about converses apart from they are amazing, probably the best pair of shoes I have ever owned, I got them for my birthday in August and I wear them everywhere, They go with everything.

Please Leave your September Favorites, I love reading your comments 🙂 
Thank you for reading <3 

Love you all,
-Abbie xx

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