Hey Everyone, 

This is the first #2014bloggerchallenge, The topic is ‘New years inspiration’ I find a few quotes which I personal think will inspire me for the new year head 

 ‘be happy’ as in myself, I am always known as the happy person, which personalty wise I am, but I do sometimes but myself down, I need to learn to be happy with myself. 

I have wanted to get in good shape for months, but I’m one of those people who always says ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ but never does. I have prom this year, and I want to be in good shape and happy with my body.

I have my Exams this year which is scary, but I need motivate myself to believe that I can do my best! 
There are millions of quotes that inspire me, but if I showed them all you would be here for years, but these are ones that I personally  can relate to this year. 
I hope you have an amazing Year, full of exciting things, and make the most of new things 
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