I got nominated for a Liebster award, By the Lovely M.isabel. I so excited to have been nominated! 

As most of you are aware, it’s a Q & A  and it is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers on BlogLovin. Blogging is about building a community and it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers and help spread the word about newer bloggers/blogs. 
Tell 11 random facts about yourself.

Answer the 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you.

Choose 11 blogs you like and link them in your post.

Write 11 questions for these bloggers, so they can answer them.

Go to their page and let them know that you nominated them.
So first of here are my 11 random facts 🙂 
1. I don’t like Chocolate milkshakes but I love strawberry milkshakes. 
2. I have an older brother and sister.
3. I am learning french at school.
4. I’m in my last year of school.
5. I live in England. 
6. One of my favouite sports is basketball. 
7. I hate spiders! 
8. I am 5’2 
9. I love watching Rugby.
10. I love Pretty little liars and Awkward. 
11. I am shy when I meet new people. 
These are the questions I was asked.. 
1. What is your favorite beauty product?
Collection Mascara.
2. What is your hobby? [ besides blogging :)]
Listening to music, writing and singing.
 3.  Favorite color(s)? 
Blue and Pink

4. How did you decide you wanted to start blogging?
I thought it would be an amazing chance to meet new people all over the world. 

5. Who is the person you go to whenever you just need to talk?
My family or my best friend

6.  If you could travel to one place, where would you go?

7. Do you have any pets? If yes, how many and what are their names?
I have a dog called Archie and a Cat called Razzle Dazzle 

8. If you could meet someone famous who would you want to meet?
Zac Efron or One direction 

9.  Do you like to wear a lot of jewelry?
Not really no

10.  Favorite designer?
Abercrombie & Fitch

11. If you could change something about the world, what would you change?
Stop lazy people from getting benefits.  

  So my nominees are going to be:

Your questions are: 

1. Favourite season?
2. Favourite drink & Food? 
3. Favourite Song? 
4. One make-up Item you can’t live without? 
5. Eyeshadow or Mascara? 
6. Where would you love to go on holiday?
7. If you had £1,000 what would you buy? 
8. Favourite blog(s)? 
9. Favourite Colour?
10. Twitter or Instagram?
11. Why did you start blogging? 

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