Avon £10

First of all, I finally brought the ‘Mega Effects’ Mascara, I finally bit the bullet and got in, I have seen so many reviews on how amazing it is. At first I was a bit scared of the way it looked, I thought I would end up poking my eye out which so far I have not done yay! Despite that the way the it looks, The product is amazing, it’s so easy to apply and you not having to mess around, plus you only need a coat or two. One down side is that I find it goes a bit clumpy, so I wear my ‘collection No clumpsover the top to make sure it’s not clumpy. 

Avon £7

The next thing I got was ‘Avon SuperShock’ Double Eyeshadow pencil in ‘Cream Dream & Chocolate Melt’ I have wanted to try an eyeshadow pencil for a while, because I had seen good reviews about them, So I got the double ended pencil, I love the two colours. ‘Chocolate Melt’ It’s a dark brown colour (Like chocolate big clue in the name) and the other colour is a light Cream colour (again clue in name) they both have shimmer in, but they look amazing at this time of year and would made a nice eye look for going out. 

Avon £8

The next thing I got was ‘Avon super extend’ Eyeliner, This product came free when I got the eyeshadow  which I thought was really good, since I’ve always wanted to try an pen liquid eyeliner and this is came free which was great, I am no expert at eyeliner what so ever, I am ok with pencil but liquid never ends well! but the eyeliner is good and it’s easy to control. The only down side is the smell it doesn’t smell great, but the product is good.


NewLook £24.99

My mum got me this for Christmas Jumper day at school, and also because I did well in my maths mock!! but anyway I have fallen in love this jumper I wearing it right now, and I’m also wearing it tonight for a meal party with young famers 😀 It’s the perfect Christmas Jumper.

What type of Christmas jumper do you have? 

Thank you for reading!
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