It’s been a few days since I have posted and a few things have happened since then, such has Christmas I hope you had an amazing day and got some amazing gifts! but also on Christmas morning I woke up to 100 bloglovin followers!! I am over the moon, I never thought that many people would read my blog, on the 19th I had 50 followers I never thought a few days later I would reach 100!! Thank you everyone it means so much <3 
Pink Punch, Hydrate, Cherry Me, Mint Fresh, Cherry Velvet
 For Christmas I got two new baby lips I got ‘Mint Fresh’ and Limited Edition ‘Cherry Velvet’ I think they are my top two, along side ‘Cherry me’. 
I personal love baby lips, and the different colours you can get, I also really like the packing, which I know a few people don’t like.
My order of liking (#1 my favourite):
1. Cherry Me
2. Mint Fresh
3. Cherry Velvet
4. Hydrate
5. Pink punch
I was disappointed with ‘Pink Punch’ and ‘Hydrate’ I personal don’t like the smell or taste of Hydrate and ‘Pink Punch’ I don’t really like the colour, I find it’s a bit to bright and not something I would like to wear everyday, again the taste is not great.

‘Cherry me’ I love the colour, It’s the perfect shade and a everyday colour. ‘Mint Fresh’ Is perfect for making your lips soft plus I love mint so that’s a bonus.  ‘Cherry Velvet’ has a very light colour to it and again it makes your lips really soft. 

Pink Punch, Hydrate, cherry me, Mint Fresh, Cherry Velvet

I hope you enjoyed my review of Baby lips. 

Again a massive Thank you for following! <3 


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