Anything that makes life easier when you have about 2 minutes to get ready in the morning, because you had chosen sleep over getting ready, is a life saver! 
Color Tattoo 24HR are my go to product, they are a cream eyeshadow and they have a range of different colours from everyday to evening colours. They are also really affordable at £4.99 so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.
I currently have three shades, from both everyday to evening. 
 Top left – On and On bronze 
Top Right – Metallic Pomegranate 
Bottom – Pink Gold

 (Can you guess which one I use the most?!)

I find that On and On Bronze is one you can wear everyday, This has been a staple in my everyday make up for about 1 year if not longer, I also use it as a base for other eye shadows, as it can works well as a primer, it makes it easy to go from a day look to a evening look. 

They have great pigments which for £4.99 is amazing, they last all day and don’t crease, and for people who want a simple makeup look which takes no time at all them I would recommend these, they are also perfect if you are just starting out in makeup and want to start building a collection. 

 Thank you for reading


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