Candles, the best thing about autumn! 
The scents and the whole feeling of lighting pretty candles, having fairy lights and a hot chocolate, they really help create a whole autumnal feel to a room!   
Cranberry Twist – 

I have yet to start burning this candle, but I can tell I am going to have to buy the large jar, as it’s such an amazing scent. It is pretty much autumn/winter rolled into one candle, can you ask more from a candle? 

Eastern Delights –

I got this candle last winter from Dunelm for 99p Bargain! It has lasted very well, seeming this was one of my favourite candles last year, I can’t really describe what it smells like, but I would say like berry’s and a wood fire would be the best way.
It also comes in really cute jar which could be used after the candle has finished.

 Jelly Belly – Toasted Marshmallow – 
 I got this candle in my stocking last year at Christmas, at first I thought it would be a really sickly smell, but its just the perfect scent, It’s perfect for this time of year, as it reminds me of toasted marshmallow’s by the fire. 
I really like the packaging I thinks it really cute and bright. 

Thank you for reading! 

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