Benefit Roller Lash – Review!
Benefit roller lash has been a very popular mascara in the blogging and YouTube world. It’s a bit on the pricey side of mascaras at £19.50, But seeming the quality of the mascara it has been worth the money.  
The thing that first caught my eye about the roller lash, is the packaging even the box it comes in is beautiful and so elegant and put together. I find the package of the mascara is quiet retro, the pink lid is very similar to the hair curlers in the 1960s.
The wand is plastic which I know people can have a love hate relationship with, I personally love plastic wands, I think they help make my eye lashes look so much longer and fuller, the wand has little hooks which grab the lashes and lifts them which i know sounds painfully but I promise it isn’t, I have found that it really does curl my lashes,and makes my eyes look a lot more open. Part of the selling point for Roller Lash, they have said you don’t need to use curlers, which I haven’t used when using Roller Lash. 
 Roller Lash formula is amazing its not dry, as I find a lot of mascaras can be quiet dry, and weigh down my lashes down, but I have found the Roller Lash you can barely feel like you’re wearing mascara.
I would highly recommend Roller Lash to anyone, I even recommended it to my mum who has said she has really noticed a difference in the way her eyelashes look, when wearing it.
Thank you for reading! 

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