Cleaning makeup is probably the worst day of the week, especially when you have lots of brushes, however it’s all worth it in the end, because who doesn’t love clean and great smelling brushes?! 
I used to use Shampoo to clean my brushes, I heard it more or less did the same job, however I wasn’t feeling that my brushes were cleaning 100% so I decided to go out a buy a cleaner designed for makeup brushes, so as I was browsing Superdrug, I came across this Real Techniques deep cleaning gel, and as most of brushes were from RT, I thought I can’t go wrong.  
Price – £6.99
How to use – 
  • Damp the tip of the brushes with warm water.
  • Place a 2p amount of product into the palm of your hand. 
  • Then use circlar motions to clean the brush (I found I had to repeat this a few times with the brushes I used everyday, for example my foundation brushes) 
  • Once no more product is coming out the brushes, rinse with water until there are no more bubbles. 
  • Then dry brush with towel, then leave to dry.  

My Brushes always smell amazing and are so soft after using this gel.

I try to do this a least once a week, to make sure my brushes are looked after. 
Thank you reading! 


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