I have recently started watching more things on Netflix, so I thought I would recommend, the shows I have been loving!
(These are mostly teen shows, so sorry if that isn’t your kind of show)

  1.  Pretty Little Liars –
    This is nothing new and I’m sure it is on a lot of peoples watch lists, There are now 6 seasons. The storyline is well put together, its a mixture of crime, romance and mystery, a bit for everyone.
    New episodes every Wednesday!

  2. Love Rosie –
    It’s a film about the relationship and friendship of Rosie and Alex, who have been friends for years, I love this film and I can’t even tell you how many times I have now watched it.

  3. 90210 – This is a American teen drama about a group of teenagers, who live in Beverly Hills, the TV Show is mainly based around the family, Wilsons, and mostly Annie and her brother Dixon, it’s about them making friends, their relationships and other problems they face in Beverly Hills.

  4. Gossip Girl – Gossip girl is a bit similar to 90210, however Gossip Girl in based in New York City, about the lives of the Upper East Siders, who’s lives are contently being watched are reported about on ‘Gossip Girl’

    Thank you for reading!


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