My hair can be a full time job or that is how it seems some days! having natural curly hair (and I mean CURLY) finding products that help tame the beast can be hard, but lately I have hair products that seem to be helping me keep it under control. 

I mentioned these in my January Favourites, but I will say again that these have really helped thicken my hair, I have always had quiet thin hair, and I have always wanted my hair to be a little thicker, these have helped so much, it also gives your hair a little bit of texture, which makes it great if you are wanting a certain hair style.

A good heat protect spray is really important when looking after your hair, because you don’t what to cook your hair do you? I have been using the VO5 spray for some years now, and I always repurchse it every time. I apply this to my hair before I use any heat on my hair.

 I use my Tangle Teezer when my hair is both wet and dry, that’s the great thing about Tange Teezer is you can use it on both, as it doesn’t damage your hair! 
It also doesn’t pull at your hair, making you get less split ends. 

To style my hair I use my trusty ghds which I got about 2 years ago for my birthday, as my hair is naturally very curly, I like to straighten my hair to make it more controllable. However I have been trying to step away from using heat on my hair, to make it more healthy, so I have been embracing the natural curls!!

If I chose to style my hair a different way for example curling my hair with my ghds, I use some texture spray to make the curls a bit more beachy and then finish hairspray to make it stay in place all day! 

 Please excuse the silly ‘selfiebut this my natural hair!!
(on a good day ;)!

Hope you enjoyed this post, Thank you for reading


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