I found in January I used a lot of new products, and discovered some new favourites, so i thought share them.
1. Maybelline Lash Sensational

In a few posts back, I included this mascara in a haul, and it has quickly become one of my favourite everyday mascaras, I was a little sceptical at first, as I found the formula a little bit liquidy, but after a few uses you get used to it, I found this to be a cheaper alturnative to Roller Lash which I still love, but this is only around £7 which compared to £20 for Roller Lash is perfect if you want something a bit cheaper!

I love how easy it is to appeal, and the volume of my lashes after using it, are amazing, I found that my lashes look longer and curled, which is what is always good in a mascara. 

I got mine in ‘Extra Black’ which I didn’t think would make a difference, as I just thought black is black right? but I can definitely notice that my lashes stand out a lot more, which makes them look so much better! 

2. Soap & Glory – Sexy Mother Pucker – Lip Gloss

I got this lip gloss in the Soap & Glory ‘The whole She Bang’ box, which has probaly been the best £25 I’ve ever spent! 

The lipgloss is a lovely light pink colour, which I wore everyday since trying it 2 weeks ago, at first I thought I was allergic as it made my lips tingle, which I later found it happens as it meant to make your lips look bigger, which I can’t say I have really noticed, but I still love the colour which is in ‘Rose & Shine’

 3. Maybelline – The Eye Eraser Concealer
This was also In my haul not long ago, I picked this because I heard some many good reviews, which I can all agree with.
I use this under my eyes, and it really helps get rid of dark circles, it is also easy to blend and stays in place all day! 
 4. Urban Decay – Naked Palette
I got this for Christmas, and it’s the most beautiful thing ever! All the colours are so wearable, for both day and night, I have been loving wearing the colous ‘Sidecar’ and ‘Smog’ together, then I also love ‘Half Baked’ as I love golden eyes. There are so many different looks you can create to using this palette.
 5. L’Oreal – Elive Thickening – Shampoo & Conditioner
So my mum brought these randomly because they were on sale, but we have both fallen in love, at first I didn’t think it would make a difference to my hair, but I have been using thoughtout most of Janurary and have definitely noticed a difference in the thinkness of my hair, and for someone who has thin hair I would highly recommend to others!
 6. Soap & Glory – Supercat Eye Liner This eye liner is my holy grail. I have never had an eye liner which appeals so easily. The tip also makes it easy to create a thin to thick line depending on the angle. It also really easy to do winged liner, which I am hopeless at, but I have found the eye liner tip makes it a lot easier.

 7. Tv Show – The 100 Many of my friends at college have told me to watch ‘The 100’ but I never got round to it, I thought I would finally give it go and I watched 2 seasons in two days, I am now up to date, and oh my goodness, it’s amazing! The story line is really well put together, and all the charaters fit perfectly, it makes you laugh, cry (a lot) and it also has suspense, I have found that it is an alround amazing Tv Show which I would highly recommend!

 Thank you for reading! 
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