I have really been loving Jewellery at the moment, they have been simple pieces of Jewellery but here are a few I have been loving.

Pandora Charm Bracelet – 
I have a silver charm Bracelet with two charms one I got for my birthday last year and one I got for Christmas from my brother, This is one of my favourite pieces of Jewellery as it goes with everything, and its really sentimental. 
Watch – 
I got this watch for my birthday this year and I love it, It has a navy blue strap, with a gold head, It looks really expensive, but it was only about £15 from Argos which is amazing!

Ring – 
I got this ring for my prom last summer, and I haven’t really worn it, until a few months ago and now I wear it all the time, It wasn’t that expensive from Debenhams, the only problem with it is, I have worn it so much it has started to make fingers green when I wear it which isn’t great. 
Thank you for reading! 

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