I have finally found sometime to sit down and a write a post! 

As I am going on holiday at the end of the month to Spain! I have been doing a lot of summer shopping plus picking up some random things… 

Primark – 

I have been trying to find a small bag for a while now, as the bag I have been using is just too big for everyday use, and it doesn’t have any pockets inside. 
I went to Primark today and found this adorable bag, it’s a light tanned bag, with a short handle and a long body strap. It has one small zip pocket in side and a phone pocket. 
It’s a small bag but has a lot of room! 
It also has lovely gold detailed on the outside! 

___________________Price – £9.00______________________

For while now I have been trying to find a phone case and card holder, for nights out, as its small and keeps everything together! 
I have finally found one after what seems like month of looking for a nice one, I found this one in Primark, they had this one and a light pink one, but I thought the black one would go with a lot more and stay cleaner.
It also has a wrist strap, so its harder to lose. 
I cannot wait to use this on Friday! 

___________________Price – £4.00______________________
 I picked up some things that I always pick up, which were, Hair slides, a pack of thin hair bands, then a pack of 6 small flower detailed clips, which I thought would come in handy. 

Prices – Hair bands/slides £1.00 each 
___________________Hair Clips – £2.00___________________
I needed a pair of cheap flip flops for my holiday, and Primark in the place to go! They have a wide range of different designs and colours, I picked out these ones as I thought they were really pretty.
They are so cheap it doesn’t even matter if they don’t last the summer! 

___________________Price – £1.00___________________

 The main reason I went to Superdrug was to see if they had the new products from Zoella’s beauty range ‘Tutti Fruiti’. As soon as I walked in I spotted them! It was so hard to pick which product to get, as I told my self only one, I need to save money! 
I picked the ‘scrubbing me softly’ body scrub, as I have wanted a body scrub for while so I thought it would be the perfect one to try! 
It smells amazing, and I love the packaging of all the products, will definitely be picking up some more very soon! 
 (Side note; was the first person in Hereford to pick up the body scrub! woo!) 

___________________Price – £8.00___________________

 I have seen a lot of people talking about the eye shadow palettes from Collection, They have three different palettes available, I picked up ‘Nude Bronze’ which has a range of 6 shimmer eye shadows, all the colors are perfect for the summer time, you can create lots of different eye looks with just this palette.
The colours are all very pigmented which is amazing. 
(side note; These Palettes are currently reduced in Superdrug!) 
___________________Price – £2.99___________________  
 I was in Accessorize trying to find my mum some sunglasses, but instead I found a pair for me not that I need them but when I looked to see how much they were they were 70% off which made them £3 down from £10 Bargin! 
They are similar to the RayBan style, which I love but can’t bring myself to buy a real pair, these are just as good and will be perfect for my holiday! 
They have a black frame, with a purple ombre tint to the lenses, they also have CAT 3 which protects your eyes from the sun! 
___________________Price – £3___________________

Boohoo – 

The first thing I picked was this floral ‘Orla Printed Button Through Crop Cami’ I picked the one in Black and white, I thought it would go with a lot more, It’s very flattering on me and perfect for summer! 
This top is also currently in the sale! 
___________________Price – £8.00_________________ 

 I picked this basic cream oversized crop top, its very light which is perfect for the hot weather, it goes very well with both shorts and jeans!
Price – £8.00  

This was more of a random buy, as I thought it looked really pretty on the website, It’s an oversized Grandad checked shirt. I got mine in a size Small, it is very over sized! The back is a lot longer than the front. 
Price – £18.00   

 This is one of my favourite things I picked, it was in the sale and its this beautiful skort, I have never had a skort before, I have tried them on, but they never looked right in the store, I thought I would give it another try, and this one looks amazing on, and the pattern is lovely. 
Price – £8.00 

This is again one of my favourite things I got, its a pair of runner shorts, in this lovely aztec print, they are quite thin which is perfect for the hot weather. 

Price – £10.00
The finally thing I picked up was this beautiful bikini, I am not very body confident at all, which is why I got a high waisted one, I have never owned or worn a bikini before so, it was hard picking out one, that I liked. I finally picked this one mostly for the lovely pattern and the colours. 
Price – £18.00   

Thank you for reading, please follow my blog for more upcoming posts! 


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